15W 1400LM Adjustable Car Repair LED Work Light



  • Flexible and Versatile: Our rechargeable work light fixture boasts a dual functionality, allowing it to be used as two independent handheld lights or connected together via the top male-female lock for higher brightness. Ideal choice for various work scenarios.
  • This magnetic work light offers three brightness levels: high, low, and red light flash, meeting various illumination needs. It provides up to 2400 lumens of high brightness with a 13-inch COB board for exceptional lighting. Whether you need intense illumination for nighttime work or emergency situations, we have what you need to keep you working at your best.
  • The portable work light has two powerful magnets at each end, perfect for attaching to the underside of a bonnet or any magnetic metal surface. It also has concealed hooks at both ends, making it easy to install in places where there is no metal surface. At the same time, the design of 360-degree rotation allows users to adjust the lighting angle according to their needs, improving work efficiency.
  • Our battery powered work light uses a 4400mAh built-in battery and is charged via Type-C port. It can work continuously for 4 hours in high-brightness mode and 4.5 hours in low-brightness mode. In addition, we are equipped with 4 power indicators, allowing you to check the remaining power at any time to ensure that your work is not interrupted. Not only does it save the cost of additional batteries, it also allows you to more easily control your power usage, making your work smoother.
  • This ultra-thin design handheld work light offers a comfortable hold and is fully protected with hard rubber, so don't worry if it falls, ensuring its durability. Equipped with IP54 protection level, it can be used safely in various environments. Not only is it suitable for various scenarios such as home, basement, construction site, workbench, workshop, garage or vehicle trunk, it is convenient for you to meet various needs, but its wide applicability makes it a long-term best-selling product.
15W 1400LM Adjustable Car Repair LED Work Light

15W 1400LM Adjustable Car Repair LED Work Light

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