5L Battery Powered Electric Sprayer



  • [Hands-Free Convenience] This garden sprayer comes with a cordless battery handle and a self-priming water pump that lets you control the spray on/off with just one button. With its automatic spray feature and adjustable shoulder strap, this electric sprayer can free up your hands and make outdoor work less tiring.
  • [Boost Your Efficiency] The 1.35 gallon lawn sprayer has a built-in 2400mAh lithium battery that can be charged with a 5V/1A output voltage charger. The retractable wand can extend to 23.6 inches to help you spray hard-to-reach places. With a runtime of 2-3 hours and a charging indicator that turns blue when fully charged, this sprayer is designed to help you work smarter, not harder.
  • [Quality You Can See] The water sprayer is equipped with O-rings at every joint to prevent leaks, and a filter head that removes impurities in the water to prevent clogging. The wide opening of the water tank makes it easy to mix solutions and clean stains, while the scale markers allow you to easily see how much solution is left.
  • [Versatile Spraying Options] This battery sprayer comes with three nozzles: a sector/fan nozzle, an adjustable brass nozzle, and a powerful adjustable six-hole nozzle. With five different spraying patterns, you can easily switch between mist and water jet modes to water delicate plants, take care of your lawn, weed killer, or clean your home.
  • [Durable and User-Friendly] Made of HDPE and ABS, this electric sprayer is designed to withstand outdoor or indoor use. Its fresh and simple appearance makes it a great addition to any home. Whether you are an experienced gardener or a beginner, this electric sprayer can be used for various tasks such as lawn and garden watering, household cleaning, reptile and pet bathing. Just remember to rinse it thoroughly with water after use to prevent any liquid residue.
5L Battery Powered Electric Sprayer

5L Battery Powered Electric Sprayer

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